Friday, 7 December 2012

Faafetai Netbook Reflection

When I was using pencils and books I felt tiring because my arms always get hurt when I write with my pencil for long. I think that my learning is getting better because typing on my netbook doesn't make me tired.

Some things that I get frustrated is that I can’t focus because some people are talking. The good things about having my netbook is that its good for me to find easy stuff for my work like stuff to write on.

I feel so good because it helps me get more information for my work.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Faafetai Recount

On Saturday I went to my uncles house with my aunt and my cousins. When we got there my uncle was making BBQ and my other cousins were playing cricket.Then we were paying heaps of games and they were called Handball, Soccer, Touch and Baseball.

After we were playing all the games my big cousin took all the kids to Ice Skating and the pools. There was heaps of fun because the kids has to pick if they want to go to the pools or the swimming pools. I picked Ice Skating because we get to take 20 minutes and at the swimming pools my cousin said they only has to have 15 minutes because my aunt was looking after them and she wants to go home early.

After that we had to eat and we went to the KFC to have some lunch and when we went there to eat it was really full because we had heaps of kids and some people wanted to go somewhere else because there was no more chairs to sit on.

Finally we went back home and all the kids had to go to sleep because we went out all day and our parents said we had to go sleep. We had a relaxing day and that was the end of the day.