Friday, 29 August 2014

Self Management Writing

Draft Writing Doc.
Term 3
Week 6

Topic: Self Management
Purpose: Show that we understand what Managing Self looks like, Sounds like and feels like
for us as student
Audience:Anyone who wants to understand Self Management

Title:Managing Myself

Self Motivation
Can do attitude
Capable Learners
Self Assessment
Closely Linked
Manage themselves well
Make Plans
Personal Goals
Manage Projects
Set High Standards
Meeting Challenges
When to lead
When to follow
When to act independently

Self management are students knowing when to lead, when to follow and when to act independently. They also establish personal goals and they manage themselves well. During their learning time they are Reliable, Resourceful and Resilient.

They have associated with self motivation and also can do attitude. They are self assessment and closely linked in enterprising working. They are also Setted High Standards with strategies in meeting their challenges.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Life Education Notes and Paragraph


  • Drugs don’t choose people but people choose drugs
  • All medicine’s are drugs all drugs are not medicine
  • Drugs can make you forget things very easily
  • Drugs can make you disconnect your brain from communicating
  • Drugs can change the way people’s bodies work
  • Drugs can lead to death
  • Drugs don’t reach your brain potential
  • Drugs can change the brain function
  • Drugs can be used in many different ways

Drugs are chemicals that change the way people’s bodies work. Some drugs can cause problems during celebrations and all drugs have side effects. dried leaves, seeds flowers and stems are “Marijuana” drugs.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Mascot Plan

Mascot=something that is meant to bring good luck to the event.

What was the last mascot for the games in 2010
  1. Olympic
  2. Paralympic

This years mascot?
  1. Clyde
  2. Thistle
  3. Weed
  4. named after host city’s river

Why they chose it?
  1. They choose it because it glaswegian
  2. It was to be good luck

What it represents?
  1. It represents New Zealand flowers
  2. It represents beauty
  3. Sunflowers that are in New Zealand

Kiwi Athlete

Valerie Adams is a champion of shot put.
She is a four-time World champion, three time World Indoor champion and two-time Olympic and Commonwealth champion.

Kasanita Adams
Born:6 October 1984
Age:29 Years Old
Throw of Metres:21.24
Weight:120 kg
Height:1.93 m