Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cow Getting Stuck In The Snow

The day begun snowy and that was when all the cows were looking for some fresh lush grass. All the cows started getting separated to go and get their own grass from their own side. Then some cows started to get stuck from the snow because it was getting worser and worser.

She started shivering from the coldness, she couldn't stop shivering because it was freezing cold. She was trying to move her body to get out of the ice but it couldn’t work, the ice was too hard. Sally was calling out to the other cows “Someone please please help me get out of here” but nobody was answering her.

She could hear the other cows mooing out loud so she just kept on calling out. She was mooing until someone came but there was nobody around. she was starting to get freezed from the ice because the ice was really freezing.

The next minute Sally was just moving her body out as hard as she can and the ice was starting to crack. Then ice that was stuck on her cracked and came off because she was struggling when she was moving around. Finally the ice came out and she mooed loud as she could and she was free from the freezing ice.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cleo’s Big Day

                          Cleo’s Big Day

On a beautiful day of October Cleo felt free to run around, have some fun with her friends and she lives in Molesworth station. She was on green lush grass munching and she was glad that winter was over when she had to retry on her warm coat to keep her warm. There was a mob of sheep that were happy because winter was over that and it was so warm.

The next minute Cleo and her friends saw a four-wheeler with two dogs on it. As the mob of sheep went closer they started to get scared of the two dogs, then Cleo said” don’t worry stop being scared”. Then the dogs went closer to the mob of the sheep and the sheepdogs started to bark at the sheep.

After that the sheepdogs started to run after the sheep and Cleo said “come on, come on guys” then the mob of sheep started to run faster because they were very scared. They were getting squashed up because they were running together and some of them kept on bumping in to each other. The huntaway was getting so tired because it was huffing and puffing when it was running after the mob of sheep.

The next day of october all of the ewe’s were getting ready to get shorn in the shearing shed. When Cleo got to the shed her friends were scared and confused . “Don't worry we came here last year remember” said Cleo “no I don't remember anything” said Mary and her friends.

The next day all the sheep were glad waiting outside the shed. ll of a sudden the sheepdog came along and hopped on all of the sheep back. Then Cleo said to her friends “Oh no, the sheepdog is back” then her friends were getting more scared and Cleo said “its ok don’t be scared”.

After that the mob of sheep were in-side the shearing shed getting ready for their turn. There was a bunch of sheep in each space because there was bars around so there can be each group. “Oh no, its nearly our turn” said Cleo getting freaked out, then it was her turn.

As it was Cleo’s turn she was so terrified because she was going to get shorn. Then the shearer started to shear Cleo and she could hear the other sheep crying out loud because they were afraid. Cleo was shaking because she was getting freaked out.

After that the shearer just flipped her around and made her lie on her back so he could shear the other part of her body.Cleo was very scared she kept on kicking the shearer when it was shearing her. The shearer was still shearing Cleo, even though she was kicking him.
Now Cleo had finished her turn and they went out to play and have some fun. Some of the sheep were bleeding because they got sheared. Cleo said to her friends “finally I have finished my turn”, she was so excited that she finished her turn because she was so terrifying.

At the end the mob of sheep went back to their home and they were running around.They went back home and started to eat some fresh lushy grass.They were so happy that they got home because it was very hot at the shearing place.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tension Graph

This is a Tension Graph that I created this morning in Literacy class.