Thursday, 13 September 2012

Neon Orange Play Dough

Today me and Room fourteen had a experience about making parts in different pieces using
the play dough. Yesterday, my group was splitting parts into different pieces. Miss Ouano was writing the boxes on the book and all of us has to write a fraction on the book.

On Friday we were learning about our fractions and we were put into buddies and we had a plate, some play dough and a bamboo stick. Our teacher was telling us the instructions and our buddies had a paper to put our play dough on it.

My maths group is doing this to help us know how to cut parts into different ways.We just keep learning our experience until we get good. The maths that I’m talking about is fractions and how we cut them in different ways.

I felt good because I was so excited when my maths group was using play dough for our experience. My class was so happy because we were going to use some play dough.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Invaded We're Out of here

Invaded - We're Out of Here! CH2

Mum poked her head out of the kitchen door and she jumped and put her hand over her heart. Nathan rushed to the kitchen cupboard and yanked it open.Mum found a cat in the cupboard when Nathan was making loud noise.


Friday, 7 September 2012

Cameron Leslie

Did you know that Cameron Leslie is from Northland and he is a 150 metre individual medley champion. His disability was that he had quadruple limb deficiency and he was a good swimmer in the 150 metre individual medley.

He defended his gold medal 4 years ago which was in 2008.
I think that Cameron Leslie is a very good swimmer because it is very hard to swim with one short arm and one long arm.

New Zealand is doing well because there are coming 14th in the paralympics. I am very proud of the kiwis, I hope they catch up and come frist.Cameron Leslie is a very good swimmer he deserves that gold medal.