Monday, 29 June 2015

Persuasive Writing Task


I disagree about this topic because the children should have a break and a bit of play from their learning they have been doing in class, maybe sometimes they might need some fresh air so they should be able to have a break from their learning. But if they think they argue and make trouble it's good to have teachers on duty. They also need to have some food and a bit of a drink before they get back to work otherwise they will get lazy and tired or they might fall asleep during learning.

I agree because sometimes we might need more time to learn also sometimes the children are way behind in their reading and maths. They shouldn't have playtime because if they have playtime and get back to learning all their going to be talking about is what they were doing in playtime and all the trouble that happened instead of talking about what their learning about. When playtime’s finish they will come late to class, for example “all the kids like cards and always play with them and when the bell ring their still flicking cards and then when all the kids are in class and the teacher marks the roll and calls out that child's name and she or he is not their and they will be outside playing cards and the teacher is wondering where they are. So just remember to be in "the right place in the right time with the right attitude".

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Just One Wheel Paraphrasing

This is my presentation that I have been working in reading, it's all about paraphrasing.
      Paraphrasing is all about talking about the book but saying it in your own words.
            Please take a look I hope You Enjoy... Please leave a comment.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Graphic Organiser - Just One Wheel

Here is my graphic organiser work that I've been working through the week.
The "BEFORE" box is what I've been thinking about before I read the book.
 The "DURING" box is what i found in the book during when I was reading.
 The lucky last box "AFTER" is what I already know after reading the book.