Tuesday, 8 December 2015

2015 Reflection - Look Back, Look Forward

This year has been a really exciting and difficult year. 4 Terms in a row was pretty hard by doing all my learning tasks finishing it off properly and getting to know all the year 7 and 8 students. I was in Room 3 and my teacher was the beautiful Mrs Tele’a.

Every day we have Literacy, Maths and sometimes Inquiry for our Topic. During our days we have to change classes, for Literacy I was in Miss Peato but for Maths I was with Mrs Tele’a. For this year Maths was my favourite subject, it sometimes very challenging and sometimes easy.

This year I've been finding Reading and Writing very difficult because we would always have presentations and also making our own documents. But Literacy is so interesting because the Titles of the reading comprehensions have a lot of detailed stories. MIss Peato has been really helpful by explaining to us how we have to do our reading task.

If I was to grade myself out of 10-10 of being awesome what would I grade myself?
I would grade myself a 5-10 because I've been having a poor attendance for almost this whole term but for the last three weeks of school I've been coming to school everyday.

This year 2015, I've been contributing in class by helping the kids with their work. But I've also been awarded certificates during some of our assemblies. Mrs Tele’a has letted me know of ow I've been contributing by awarding me certificates and telling me what I've done.

In 2016 at college I would want my teachers think that I’m a really good girl by me contributing with others. Also Listening and on task all the time, never mucking around with the bad kids but just working on task for the whole session. In college I will work my hardest be a good girl and listen to the teachers also never do any smoking and drinking.

For college next year 2016, I want to be changed by having a excellent attendance and achieving my goals for the other few years. My goal for next year is to have access to my work and strive to succeed by showing what awesome looks like and showing people how to have a good life in college.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Tackle These!! Word Problems

This is an presentation that I have been working on for this week in maths class.
My group is Taparau and we have been working out some word problems by
showing it on Google drawing. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Introduction to Algebra

Here is an presentation that my group Taparau have been working on during maths time.
There is an video to give you some example about algebra, Hope You Enjoy!!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Google Expedition

On Tuesday the 24th of November the Team 5 block had an Google Expedition. Michael was the man that was giving us the instructions. The year 7’s had it in the morning when the year 8’s were gone to technology, but the year 8’s had it after morning tea.
The Google Expedition is so amazing, it’s all about visiting places and the forest also all sorts of things. It was made as goggles but more detailed, it’s a cardboard made like goggles but they put a smart phone underneath inside. The cardboard was really interesting with the smart phone, but there was a lot of rules of the cardboard.

Mrs Tele’s was part of this as well, she was telling us the rules of the expedition. There was this button on the smartphone from the side, if we press it then the phone will reset. Mrs Tele’s was telling us the button for the zooming in and out, also the places we were on.Michael and Mrs Tele’s were both doing the location like going to the places. Sometimes Mrs Tele’a would tell us to spot some things in the forest and under water. We even visited the highest tower in the world, it was so high and scary.

These are the places we visited on the Google Expedition. Under Water, In The Forest, The jungle, The highest tower, France in a bedroom, Anzac Graves In Gallipoli. That’s all the places I can remember but there was more than that.While we were seeing these interesting places we noticed that they’re 4D on the expedition. People were always saying it’s “3D” but it was actually 3D. The highest tower was my best place we visited.

If we wanted to look around we have to move around or go side to side. We could always look up and look down on the ground to spot some insects. But it was quite annoying because we were always bumping into each other.The girls were so annoying because they were screaming and laughing. But I was just being quite and looking around, the boys weren’t screaming at all the were just talking to each other. Mrs Tele’a said if we be really noisy then we won’t visit that much places.

We had about 15 mins for each group, because there was 3 groups and my group was “Rua” we were the first group to try it. The girls were being so fussy so the next group had to come. But we didn’t have that much places to visit, we only had about 8 or 7. Nobody was mad about finishing early they were just so happy that they did the google expedition. We Finally finished and the next group came it was group “Toru”, I was trying to tell them about it but they were just too excited. That was the end of our Google Expedition so we had to go back to class and carry on with our “Maths”.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Seeing Hawk

This is a presentation that I have been working on in literacy fr reading.
Hope you Enjoy!

Friday, 11 September 2015

Manaiakalani Planning

This is an screenshot of what me and my group of girls have been working on for these few days during learning time. These are our character and the song that we will be playing during the acting. Mrs Tele'a has been letting us work on it for the last block for some days.

 But we added other two girls to be the "Faifekau (Pastor)" and the "Random Lady". Mrs Tele'a hasn't decided if this i actually for our Manaiakalani Film Festival because other groups in our class have other ideas too, also some of our acting parts that I have there. Its all about "Real Housewives Of Glenn Iness. Please Leave a comment for some feedback, Thanks.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Blog Comments

Today we have been with Mrs Tele'a for the last few minutes during the first block. We've been doing some blog commenting on peoples blog, I blog commented to Hannah, Muamua and also Janise. Its so interesting to blog comment to others because they need to know about our comments to their amazing blog. Keep It Up Pt England..