Friday, 30 March 2012


My writing is about Oktapodi and that was set in the Greek islands. The main characters were the  female octopus, male  octopus and a chef. Did you know a movie that is very short and it about octopus.

The male octopus was so upset because the chef took the female. But lucky the male octopus hopped on the truck and he went to the window and  had a battle.

My favourite part of the short  film was when the male octopus was having a dangerous battle with the chef in the truck. The chef was slapping the male octopus when the octopus was on the window and trying to open the bucket so he can get the female octopus out.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Year Five and Six Camp

On Wednesday the year 5 and 6 went to camp with all their stuff packed in their big bags.
We went to our tents and named them. Then we put our big bags in our tent with our stuff and our sleeping bags because the teacher told us to set up our beds and pillows.

On Thursday we did more activities but most thing I like was at swimarama pools and roller blades. When we went kayaking and it was fun but I keep falling in the water because I wasn’t paddling the paddles.

At night I was sleeping with my friend. I was so scared because I heard strange noises in the dark. I up woke in night and I started giggling in my sleeping bag and I fell asleep because I wasn't scared.

I felt some pain in my throat because I was coughing. The teacher gave me a cup of water and some panadol for me to drink. When she gave me a drink of water I felt better so I went back to sleep. Before we went to sleep we did a nice prayer so were safe at night. I had a good night with my friend sleeping in the tent.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Blindfold Experience

On Monday Room 14 had a blindfold experience.We had to choose  a partner.

The buddy that is blindfolded had to listen to me because if they don’t listen to me they might have an accident. My buddy was Ofa and she was so excited because she was blindfolded first. 

When I was blindfold I felt scared because I was the first in the game. We had another chance to play and we were so lucky because the other class didn’t come so we had a  fun time. Some people were injured.

We had a exciting day with the blindfold game so we went to class and we were talking about the blindfold game so we can write about it.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

My Snowman

This is my snow man and I wrote the labels in maori.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Great Things Take Time

Great Things Take Time. I hope I will play netball this year so I can get better at netball. I need to practice playing netball so I can play better.

What I need to make my work perfect is I need to check it and plan what I’m going to write. The reason why it is important to take time for you to do your work is because  you need to make sense and so that readers can read and understand your blog writing.

Guess what? J.K. Rowling sold 450 Million copies of Harry Potters books. She told us that it was her favourite book in the world. J.K Rowling writes good books like Harry Potters books. Before she checked her work she would have to edit it properly.It took her a very long time because she wrote many books.

The main message is about my writing is that great things take time.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vision Board 2012

My Vision Board Goals

I want to get better at swimming this year.

I want to listen to my teacher and achieve my work this year.  

I want to stop teasing my friends so I have friends.

I want to get better at my division and my times tables.

5.Healthy Body:
I want to get some running around the school this year so I get strong and beautiful.

I want to get better at writing this year so I can get a good report.

I want to know all the words in my reading book so I can get more marks.

I want to listen to my mum when she tells me to do something so I don’t get in trouble.

Words that make me happy: Laughing, Church, Mum, Dad, Family,Brothers ,Sisters, Auntie, Uncle ,Funny ,Friends.