Thursday, 23 April 2015

Immersion Assembly

Yay! We are finally back to school all the teachers dressed up as characters for the Immersion Term 2 Assembly. The bell rang at 8:30 and all the team 5 students lined up getting ready for the immersion assembly. Mrs Tele’a was talking to us about how good the yr 8 camp was and the yr 7’s at school in the last week of term 1. We also were learning part of our item for the morning it was really cool because we did it all together.

At 8:50am the next bell rang and all the students and teachers headed to the hall to gett all organised. Some of the other team 5 students, Mrs Nua and Ms garden were cooking some mini pancake pikelets and marshmallows with biscuits. Then Mr Burt and the others started to give out to the little ones and then came at the back to give some to the team 5 student.

“Ladies and gentlemen” said Mr Burt “Welcome back to Term 2”, “get ready for Team 1” and here comes Ms George to lead team 1. Their one was about “Healthy Body, Healthy Smile and Healthy Playground”. What they did is give out healthy food and that was “Celery, Carrot, Triangle Sandwiches and some other food, and that was the end of team 1.

Next Group is Team 2, there one was about living on the streets and others going out to help, but they got it from the movie winnie the pooh. The third one up was team 3 and Miss King Stood up and was talking about their topic. They didn’t do a item but they created their own movie for us to watch but it was about “Tinkering Tools and Toys ,for example these lazy kids just hanging around sleeping got nthing to do but the minions help them to tinker tools and toys so that was the end.

Next up Team 4 and here comes Mr Somerville was the one that lead it, but they didn’t do a item but the did a movie, it was about “something sensible to do in a rainy weather. So the thing they did in a rainy day was to play video games, it was really cool because they animated it with themselves in the video game. Mr Somerville was the main person in the game he was also the good one, but Miss Lavakula and Mr Backs was the bad guy so Mr Backs got kille and Mr Somerville got killed from Miss Lavakula because she had a fish and whacked his sword and whacked himself.

Next up is the AMAZING Team 5, “March, March, March” walking up Mrs Tele’a with her army crew the team 5 wonderful teachers following up. They were so cool because they were acted as the ANZAC people but they were talking about tinkering tools and toys. Mrs Tele’a was the leader of the team 5 crew, and at the last bit all of the team 5 students and teacher said “How can we make things better! Auu Auu” we all shout the roof.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Uncle Jeremiah's Farm


 Pt England School has this little white box in the middle and its full of crosses it is for our remebrance of the Australia New Zealand Army Corps.