Friday, 11 April 2014

Fiafia Master

Term 1
Week 10

Topic: Fiafia Night
Purpose: Fiafia Whoo
Audience: Everyone/Anyone
Title:Fiafia 2014
Orientation:You could use your Fiafia Rehearsal writing for the first paragraph.
Yesterday night Pt England school had our fiafia which is performing for our whanau. During the weeks we have been practising and practising for our beautiful fiafia performance. Fiafia is also about dancing and having fun with your family and friends.
Para 1: The atmosphere
The first group to perform was the “Kapa Haka Group”, but the other groups have to wait. I was feeling nervous because it was crowded and I was feeling the butterflies in my stomach.
Para 2: The other performances before yours.
We were after the Asian/Dragon group so our group had to be ready to dance and we went to the side of the stage and waited. We were nice and ready and our tutors were saying “girls smile girls smile”.
Para 3:It was our turn to dance, I walked up the stage smiling at the audience nervous. when the song started i was feeling good because people were cheering for us and they were putting money in the “koha box” it was so fun dancing.
Conclusion: Your reflection/ feelings about the night as a whole.
The finally group was the yr 4-6 Pounamu group, when they finished their pounamu these other people came right at the front of the stage and did their haka to the pounamu group. Finally Mr Burt did the karakia for the night and said god bless and have a good night.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Fiafia Rehearsal 2014

Butterflies in my stomach
Some hot

Yesterday we had practise for Fiafia, each group had to go on the stage and the other groups had to watch them in the sun. I was so nervous when our group was going up because everyone was watching us .

I wasn't comfortable up the stage  because I had butterflies in my stomach and that means you're like about to spew and you're shy.But the worst thing was that it was some hot everywhere because the sun was up.

When we were dancing for long I as feeling confidence because people were calling out our names and cheering for us. I felt very good because it was getting fun dancing and then the we did the dance altogether.