Thursday, 15 May 2014

Swimming Writing

Draft Writing Doc
Term 1
Week 2

Topic: It is important to learn how to swim
Purpose: Explaining people why is it important to learn how to swim
Audience:Everyone and Anyone

Title:Why is it Important to learn how to swim

It is important to learn how to swim because you might get drowned in the water.So be careful in swimming and be safe in the water if you don’t know how to swim. Make sure you learn how to swim because it is for safety in the water.

When you learn how to swim you make sure that you have a tutor with you. They can help you what to do like teach you some lessons for swimming. It will be so good if you learn how to swim because that is for safety.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Facts About Sound

sound effects.png

Sound is a part of everyday life. Your footsteps on a carpet make a quiet sound. 
Slamming a door shut as you leave your home makes a loud sound. 
You communicate using sound as you talk to your friends.

Sound travels as waves. You hear sound when waves travel through the air to your
ears. The closer you are to a sound, the more clearly you hear it. A firework display
up close can be extremely loud, but from a distance, fireworks sound much quieter.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Writing Sound

  • Like many terms in science,
  • Sounds are different meanings
  • High or low
  • Pleasent
  • Scientific
  • Measureable
  • Matter and Energy
  • Interection
  • Interrupt is sound
  • moving molecules
  • Vibrate
  • Back and forth movement
  • Oscillating movement
  • Mechanical waves Matter
  • Air, water and Solid Rocks

This is my groups first attempt on writing about sound.
Like many terms of science sound has different meanings like high or low visions and unpleasant sounds. The are vibrations like guitar strings going back and forth in your ear.Our brains hear sounds like mechanical waves matter this is because of the energy in the air that sends a wave of  sound like the sea crashing into the clift.