Tuesday, 8 December 2015

2015 Reflection - Look Back, Look Forward

This year has been a really exciting and difficult year. 4 Terms in a row was pretty hard by doing all my learning tasks finishing it off properly and getting to know all the year 7 and 8 students. I was in Room 3 and my teacher was the beautiful Mrs Tele’a.

Every day we have Literacy, Maths and sometimes Inquiry for our Topic. During our days we have to change classes, for Literacy I was in Miss Peato but for Maths I was with Mrs Tele’a. For this year Maths was my favourite subject, it sometimes very challenging and sometimes easy.

This year I've been finding Reading and Writing very difficult because we would always have presentations and also making our own documents. But Literacy is so interesting because the Titles of the reading comprehensions have a lot of detailed stories. MIss Peato has been really helpful by explaining to us how we have to do our reading task.

If I was to grade myself out of 10-10 of being awesome what would I grade myself?
I would grade myself a 5-10 because I've been having a poor attendance for almost this whole term but for the last three weeks of school I've been coming to school everyday.

This year 2015, I've been contributing in class by helping the kids with their work. But I've also been awarded certificates during some of our assemblies. Mrs Tele’a has letted me know of ow I've been contributing by awarding me certificates and telling me what I've done.

In 2016 at college I would want my teachers think that I’m a really good girl by me contributing with others. Also Listening and on task all the time, never mucking around with the bad kids but just working on task for the whole session. In college I will work my hardest be a good girl and listen to the teachers also never do any smoking and drinking.

For college next year 2016, I want to be changed by having a excellent attendance and achieving my goals for the other few years. My goal for next year is to have access to my work and strive to succeed by showing what awesome looks like and showing people how to have a good life in college.

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